About me

I am alanzheng, a 10+ years software engineer. My major activities are 3D graphics software development, design etc.. I very like the computer technology whatever the software or hardware.

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me: 63377808@qq.com or alanzheng.top@gmail.com

Work experience

  • 2003.9 - 2006.10 Langchao inspur world. worked for welding product of UGNX.
  • 2006.11 - 2012.4 Siemens. worked for welding, ship product of UGNX.
  • 2012.5 - 2016.6 Litepoint. worked for hardware (Wifi, BlueTooth chipset) testing.
  • 2016.7 - now, Freelancer, worked for building 3D printer, CNC machine, software and website etc.

Honors & Awards

  • Passed RedHat RHCE by self-study
  • Build my 3D printe and CNC machine.
  • Developed software to control the CNC machine
  • Please see my designs, experience for more information.

My interesting

I liked many other things too, such as pedestrianism, climb mountain, swimming, play games, singing song and watch movies etc.

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