Inkscape 教程 之 鱼形文字 | Inkscape tutorial -- Shape Text

1、使用“圆形”、“矩形”工具制作鱼形 | Create fish shape by "circle" and "rectangle" tool.

2、创建“文字”,并添加路径效果 | Create text object and add path effect

3、将文字调整为鱼形 | Change the text following the fish shape.

4、用“鱼形”与“矩形”做相交,制作鱼嘴。并制作鱼眼 | Create fish mouth by intersection the fish shape and rectangle, and create the fish eye.

5、用同样的方法制作水柱,并将颜色调整为需要的颜色 | using the similar way to create the fountain, and change the color to you like, that's done.

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